About Us

Our company began nearly half a century ago in the heart of the industrial Black Country.

We worked then in an environment light-years from the IT revolution, when business was created by word of mouth and built on a reputation of providing good service and quality products on time.

For us things have not changed that much, we still do most of our sales through recommendation and we have been successful for so long because you get exactly what you ask for, exactly when you want it, at the best possible price.

Our divisions use state of the art technology to ensure everything we sell meets the exacting standards of both our clients and Industry quality controls.

We are proud that our team and our administrative systems exceed the approved UKAS quality standards. We are perhaps most proud though that we retain the same ethics we followed on the day we first opened our doors.

  • 1984


  • 2008

    UKAS Quality Management Certified

  • 2020

    New Website Launched